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  • Orboot Globe + takes your child on an augmented reality journey around the world. cheerful. interactive. educational.
  • Learn geography, history, environmental sciences, and more (no borders, no names on the globe).
  • Compatibility – The Orboot app is free on iOS and Android. Compatible with – iPad 5th generation and above, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro all models, iPad Mini 2 and above, iPhone 6 and above; Android 3GB RAM and above. Amazon Fire devices are not currently supported.
  • Box comes with 10″ globe, passport, stamps, country flag stickers, and detailed instruction manual.
  • ORBOOT APP – Explore over 400 highlights and over 1,000 global facts across 6 categories – cultures, landmarks, inventions, animals, maps, and weather for different countries.
  • Steam Forward – The perfect toy for curious kids that always sparks their imagination and curiosity.
  • It helps in building knowledge, language, and cognitive skills. Makes a great and unique gift for kids!
  • Educational AR World Globe For Kids India 2022.


Educational AR World Globe For Kids India 2022

The Brand (Shifu Orboot) augmented reality game is among the best AR world globe for kids to help spark imagination and creativity! The globe itself does not require a power source. Instead, the AR world globe for kids runs entirely from the app.

Categories in the app include maps, weather, cultures, archeology, inventions, and animals for a wide range of countries around the world. All these images are 3D and enhanced with music and sounds!

Within the app, there are also a bunch of puzzles and activities. Kids can solve puzzles, take interactive quizzes, and collect rewards along the way.

Along with a globe app and companion app-based app, this AR world globe for kids game comes with a handy guide and a fun travel kit. Includes passport, stamp, and country flag stickers that your kids must love.

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With today’s technology, interactive globes bring new depth to classroom learning, unlike standard globes of the past. If you’re looking to add an interactive globe to your classroom, there are a few considerations you might want to consider.

Most of the interactive globes you will find today have vibrant and eye-catching colors. You can also find interactive globes in calmer colors or even black and white. You may want to steer clear of those and opt for a more aesthetically pleasing colored globe for your classroom setting.

More Globe For Kids If They Are In 5th Class Or Above:

In addition to displaying specific colored areas, some globes also have a bumpy texture. These outcrops help students learn the topographic features of different regions of the world. While this is an interesting feature, it is not always necessary except for geography classes.

In general, the diameter of most globes ranges from 12 to 15 inches. AR world globe for kids size works so well that it can sit comfortably at a desk without taking up too much space and still be interactive.

Think about how the interactive globe will be used in the classroom, and be sure to find the right size globe.

Globes are useful classroom tools that help improve students’ ability to learn in many subjects, including; Social studies, geography, and science. Apart from learning the obvious topics in these subjects, globes also help students learn more in-depth concepts, including:

  • Relevancy and Perspective.
  • Understanding and Problem-solving.
  • Culture Bridge.

Having an interactive AR world globe for kids in the classroom takes this learning ability to the next level. By coordinating activities and learning modules for all types of learning, students can understand concepts and better understand the topic at hand.

How do you explain the globe to a child?

Babies are usually attracted to globes because they are naturally reactive. While it can be difficult to get a child fully aware of the importance of the globe, there are some basics to start with to help them understand better.

Here are ten basics for getting a child started when explaining the globe:

  • Explain the difference between a globe and a map.
  • Select land and water.
  • Explain the latitude, longitude, and equator.
  • Point out the seven continents.
  • Select your current location.
  • Describe the cardinal directions, north, south, east, and west.
  • The science of the five oceans.
  • Help them understand which keys.
  • See the different types of globes and maps.
  • Explain the scale of the globe.

Of course, there are more in-depth concepts you can get into, but this is a good starting point for any kid without confusing them.

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