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  • The stroller is suitable from 0 months to 3 years and holds up to 15 kg
  • Extra Wide Baby Stroller With Wheels Heavy Duty – Best Choice For Outdoor Use
  • The 5-point harness is designed to securely carry your child around the shoulders and waist.
  • Easy to fold with one hand, product weight: 12.8 kg
  • Reversible handlebar with EVA foam insert – allows baby to face parents while walking
  • You can easily keep the seat upright, reclined, or flat depending on the mood of the child. This means that the child can sit up, relax, or even take a nap while walking.
  • Three-position reclining seat for sleeping, lounging, and sitting, carrying capacity up to 15kg.
  • 360-degree rotation of the front wheel with swivel lock and brake, rear-wheel hook brake.
  • Awning window, adjustable leg support with extra-wide footrest.
  • Affordable Large Seating Stroller For Kids India 2022.


Affordable Large Seating Stroller For Kids India 2022

The affordable large seating stroller for kids is ideal for children up to 3 years old, and it can weigh up to 12.8 kg. The front swivel wheels allow one to maneuver the stroller easily. Parents do not have to carry their children all the time, yet the child can feel safe and comfortable.

Little life stories flourish with the coming of a young child into your life. It complements your life with the many joys of parenthood. At BBS, we strive to weave little stories into our products with a focus on child safety and feature enrichment. Meticulously designed, our range of affordable large seating stroller for kids, prams, car seats, prams and other outdoor gear are designed, allowing your child to discover the world from the lap of luxury.

They are comfortable nests that accompany your child on rides through city streets and country roads. Ergonomically designed to ensure your child is always comfortably supported. So that your little one gets the comfort that comes only from the warmth of your lap. This brand product is carefully designed and manufactured using the latest masterpieces of science, and undergo multiple quality checks before being sent to stores.

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Recline Seat: Three-position reclining seat meets all baby’s needs, whether the baby is sitting, reclining or sleeping. It can be easily adjusted with one hand to suit the child, even with the child in the seat.

5 Points Seat Belt: The stroller comes with adjustable, padded straps that provide safety. Keeps the baby safe at all times and prevents the baby from falling off the stroller when no one is around.

Swivel Front Wheel and Rear Wheel with Brake: Sturdy stroller wheels. The front wheels come with a 360-degree swivel for easy maneuverability. The swivel wheels can be locked into a straight directional walk. The rear wheels of the trolley are equipped with brakes for instant control. It can be locked or stopped by pushing the lever down.

Reversible Seat and Padded Seat: The stroller is the perfect combination of comfort and safety and is ideal for children’s use. The seat is soft and padded and is European Standard EN 1888 certified. The handlebar features a soft rubber grip, which is reversible for both forward and backward facing walking.

Adjustable Footrest: The adjustable footrest increases the height of the stroller and provides calf support for the child.

Pros: Affordable Large Seating Stroller For Kids

Safety – The stroller has high safety standards to keep the baby safe at all times. Comes with brakes on the rear wheels, an extended double canopy to protect the child from harsh weather conditions that harm the child. 5-point harness to keep young children safe and independent. The stroller is also certified to the European Standard EN 1888.

Extended Double Canopy – An extended double canopy provides extra protection for baby from the harmful UV rays of the sun and wind. Also, the peep window allows parents to keep an eye on their child.

Basket and Large Storage Tray – The storage basket can be used to hold a diaper bag, clothes, and other essentials while on the go. It also increases the center of gravity of the stroller to keep it stable. Even the pockets can be used to store other essentials.

Cons: Affordable Large Seating Stroller For Kids

Poor Quality – The stroller is not durable. The canopy is made of flimsy material, and the stroller wheels do not run smoothly.


The stroller is packed with safety features like a seat belt, wheels with brakes, and a canopy. Reversible handles, seat tilt feature, and adjustable footrest provide excellent comfort and convenience for baby and parent. It also comes with a back pocket for extra storage.

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